Object Draw Order and Depth

With the change in how depth is handled in GMS2, drawing sprites that have dynamic depth in a 2D world has gotten slightly more complicated. Here’s a basic system and set of scripts that allow each object to be drawn at the proper depth.

Toggling Input Focus Across Objects

One of my biggest challenges in coding a game’s architecture is handling player input properly. The ability to control several different types of objects, such as the player, a menu, a vehicle, or the GUI, and switching back and forth between them can result in a cluster of if statements across a dozen objects. Here’s...

Read CSV GML Script

This script takes a filepath to a CSV and imports it into a DS List of DS Map values. Useful for managing large amounts of data such as calendar events, items, or dialogue. The file makes use of another script posted previously, Explode.

Stamina Circle GML Script

This block of code will programmatically draw a circle, and given current and max values for the meter, will animate based on that value. I based this off of the Breath of the Wild style stamina meter. Pretty straightforward and can look great with some simple styling.